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Projects delivered by Gee Ltd


London Waterloo &
London Victoria


The new Infotec displays RGB installed at London Waterloo & London Victoria

Alun Griffiths - Bow Street Station-4.jpg

Bow Street Station

Bow Street Station Electrical, CCTV, PA, Telecoms Installation carried out on behalf of Transport for Wales with Alun Griffiths. 

The Scope of the Project included Street lighting and CCTV on the platform and car park, with PA and CIS systems on the platform. 

This was the first Project delivered by Transport for Wales of which Gee are pleased to be involved with.

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Royal Glamorgan Hospital

Gee were recently successful in delivering a large Access Control Upgrade for Royal Glamorgan Hospital on behalf of the the Cwm Taff health board. 

The Project was delivered during the COVID-19 pandemic as the original system installed was due to be obsolete in the next year, Working with the staff at the hospital we installed the system inline with the existing keep the hospital secure during the project.

Fantastic work by everyone involved in this project.

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UWC Atlantic College

At UWC Atlantic College we have installed a Automated Barrier System with integrated access control and ANPR cameras on the entrance barriers for monitoring of vehicles on site. Including the access control system installed across site, the Barriers and ANPR system integrated seamlessly to provide a site wide access solution. 

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